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Schedule Highlights 2021

2021-12-22 18:06

Our schedule for the franconian.net channel at rC3: NOWHERE can be found here . In addition, we would like to highlight a few talks that we find particularly interesting:

  1. The Doom-chip “On Ice”: designing hardware for a 1993 retro-classic

    Speaker: Sylvain Lefebvre

    Pretalx link: https://cfp.franconian.net/end-of-year-event-2021/talk/MGMDUF/

    What we find great about it: When it comes to hardware there is always the question “But can it run DOOM?” – here it’s no longer necessary. This port uses an open processor architecture on hardware, which can be programmed with an open source toolchain and in the end you can see something and have fun with technology in the truest sense.

  2. CoMatrix – Constrained Matrix

    Speakers: Tobias Buchberger, Ines Kramer

    Pretalx link: https://cfp.franconian.net/end-of-year-event-2021/talk/UB8LL3/

    What we find great about it: Matrix is one of the most promising open messaging protocols and with end-to-end encryption and federation there is hardly anything left to be desired. So it’s great to see how Matrix can also be used on systems with limited resources.

  3. [German] Zwischen Schulordnung, Datenschutz und digitaler Entschuldigung – Schulverwaltung im Cyberpace

    Speaker: Advi

    Pretalx link: https://cfp.franconian.net/end-of-year-event-2021/talk/AGGZE8/

    What we find great about it: How bad things are with digitalization in Germany could also be observed in the education sector during the pandemic. This probably shows once again: “If you digitalize a shitty process, you have a shitty digital process.” The hope remains that we learn from this.

  4. [German] EMBA – Open-Source Firmware Security Testing

    Speakers Pascal Eckmann, Michael Messner

    Pretalx link: https://cfp.franconian.net/end-of-year-event-2021/talk/NPQKX8/

    What we find great about it: The S in IoT is known to stand for Security – any tool that provides more security in firmware is a welcome help, especially when automated testing against vulnerabilities is facilitated like here.

  5. [German] Infraschallmessung bei Schaffenburg

    Speaker: Hendi

    Pretalx link: https://cfp.franconian.net/end-of-year-event-2021/talk/JJJ8HW/

    What we find great about it: Citizen science projects are an important building block for digital sovereignty. And the more sensors and data are available, the better we can understand the world. The project presented here invites you to follow along and join in.